Moreton Bay Photo 11

To mark National Family History Week in Australia (4-12 August 2007) is launching the Moreton Bay Family History Challenge.

The Moreton Bay was the first of the Australian Commonwealth Government Line Ships designed to facilitate a state sponsored emigration of British subjects to Australia.

View a free two-minute movie entitled “Passenger Lists: People on the move” on the homepage of our sister site, The movie contains original footage of passengers boarding the Moreton Bay for its maiden voyage from Tilbury, East London to Brisbane in 1921.

The accompanying full-colour 20-page passenger list will be made available free to view on the site from early August until the end of September.

Once you’ve seen the movie and viewed the images we want your help!

If you can identify anyone on the film or the list please email us at with the details of your research.

View an alphabetical list of the passengers’ surnames included on the list

To help you pick out individuals we’ve provided some stills from the movie. This entry is for photo 11 – if you recognise anyone in the photo please leave a comment here.

We’re giving away a free Voyager subscription to the first 50 people who can identify an ancestor within the 762 people who travelled on the Moreton Bay. If you think that someone on board is one of your ancestors, show us them in your family tree.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply upload your GEDCOM using the family tree builder on or start a tree from scratch using this new, free software. Once this is done email us at to let us know the details of your intrepid ancestor.

Use the family tree builder now

Please tell any of your family and friends that you think might be able to trace their ancestors emigrating to Australia aboard the Moreton Bay and present them with this exclusive way of researching their family trees.

Search the rest of the passenger lists

If you recognise anyone in this photo add your comments here.

Take the Moreton Bay Challenge today!

Good luck.


2 Responses to Moreton Bay Photo 11

  1. Janet Preston says:

    My Uncle Geroge Westcott emigrated to Australia when he was 21, I have found his records and he travelled on the Moreton Bay on 8th May 1923. The next time George returned to England was 1963 he brought his wife Mable with him, unfortunatly both of their children had died before they reached their teens. When they landed in England all of Georges 12 brother and sisters were on the quayside to meet them. and a large party was held in his home village, I have a press photo and story of the party. after returning home they decided to return again, this time to live and came to England about 2 years later, they lived near us and I knew them well. George died about 10 years after they came home but his wife only died a few yeas ago well into her 90’s

  2. Lisa Schofield says:

    My grandmother Christina Wyper emigrated to Australia from Edinburgh, Scotland at age 11 with her father Robert Wyper age 34, Mother Catherine Wyper age 37, sister Jessie Wyper age 8 and possibly another sister Catherine Wyper age 1 and another sister (married already) so married name at this time unknown. I cannot identify their picture as my great-grandmother and grandmother died when I was little. I would like to obtain the footage and photos from the Moreton Bay in order to ask older relatives who may be able to point them out.

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