New subscriptions: unlimited access to UK Outbound Passenger Lists has introduced two new ways to access UK Outbound Passenger List records, a data set launched by in association with The National Archives.

The Explorer Package – Updated
Unlimited access for this package has now been extended to include the complete set of records* on, including Birth, Marriage and Death records, Census, Passenger Lists and all new additions for £125 a year, that’s just £10.50 a month.

The Voyager Package – New
30-day access to our exclusive UK Outbound Passenger List transcriptions and quality colour images for just £25, that’s just 83p a day.

For more information on all our subscription packages click here.

Subscribe now

Sign in and click ‘subscribe now’ in the green ‘account status’ box on the left hand side.

Subscriptions are fantastic value for money and offer a convenient way to do your research. View the transcriptions and high quality original images as many times as you need to, without worrying about units running out. Our subscription packages are tailored to give you confidence in your research and to ensure that you find the right ancestor.

*For technical reasons, access to Living Relatives will be limited to 10 searches a year and will be available to Explorer customers in April.

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