UK outbound passenger lists available from 1890 to 1909 has added another decade of records to the UK Outbound Passenger Lists currently available. Records now include a staggering 7.5 million names within 50,553 passenger lists spanning 1890 to 1909 alone. Records, once complete, will cover 1890 to 1960 and are expected to contain more than 30 million individual passengers.

Nearly twice as many people travelled by ship between 1900 to 1909 compared to the previous decade and more increasingly for business and as tourists.

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Available for the first time online, these records can provide valuable information on ancestors whose trails have gone cold. Read Stephen Rigden’s article to find out how he broke down a brick wall of his own using passenger list records.

Start searching the Passenger Lists now.
You can start searching at To view passenger list transcriptions and images you will need pay-per-view units. If you need to buy more units click here.

Why not search our collection of migration records?


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